CDF Oil and Gas Procurement Advisor

Joseph Kim 

CDF Oil and Gas Procurement Advisor


Procurement Executive

Joseph has over twenty years of leadership experience as President, Executive Vice President and as a division head for building early stage and mezzanine level companies. He has expertise in strategic development and partnerships; overseeing manufacturing and operations; establishing distribution networks; product development; and for raising capital to finance growth and operations.  As part of his overall functions in his daily activities are focused on worldwide procurement as the Buying Director, as you may have also known him in the past as the director of procurement of ADGAS.

Joseph’s activities contribute towards providing world class energy solutions that exceed customer expectations; Innovating and developing cutting edge eco-friendly technologies; Capitalizing on global opportunities and exploring synergy in related businesses; Empowering and developing employees to perform at their highest potential; Caring for the safety and well-being of the employees, the community and environment and Ensuring growth and delivering superior value to the stakeholders.

While annual LNG demand is forecast to grow to 384 million tons by 2020, exceeding supply, "it's a far cry since the heady days of 2007 when expectations were for demand to grow to about 500 million tons a year.

In keeping with the demand, Joseph’s stand-alone procurement is long reaching and direct with his internal and direct relationships with the largest buyers in the oil and gas today and providing the proper shipping port to port.

He continues to work around the world with the upstream and downstream development of the oil and gas industry to boost production and supply, while at the same time working to keep our mother earth beautiful and providing a clear message and ways to protect our planet with efforts through the joint development of a clean energy based supply chain for human actives on earth. With implementing safety and environmental plans at every site and seeking improvements.  Another aspect is working with local partners to develop a renewable energy biofuels that are compatible with today’s diesel fuels engines for transportation.  He continues to pay close attention to the overall protection of the environment for the future generations and working to make sure every step of the production process - from set-up to drilling up to producing to shipping – is conducted safely and responsibly.  He continues to support initiatives to reduce consumer emissions from the use of our products in the industrial, electric generation and transportation sector.

Joseph knows how important it is to have a proper relationship with the communities and invest in communities by pursuing long-term projects with strategic goals that are aligned with global and social priorities and impacts.   He seeks to have a more meaningful impacts by focusing the majority of the spending on significant challenges in the regions where we operate and providing local jobs and county and community development.

Joseph understands provides the companies for the vast technology and engineering know-how and expertise in the drilling technology and development turn-key for upstream development and cryogenic technology for the downstream development and many other turn-key industry technologies and services for an overall development capability, such as processing facilities; refineries; pipelines; electric power generation; storage; transportation; ship building; marine terminals; floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) and refineries and/or purposely build and operate the on land base receiving terminal for further to distribute to the local distribution systems in most efficient manner and much more.  Such various collaboration creates a very row bust LNG and Oil and Fuel supply chain to support the global cleaner energy need.  

Joseph’s and his companies High Values in Doing Business say it all:

Honesty, fairness and transparency in our business conduct and act 

Joint effort hand in hand with faith and believe each other

Excellence through teamwork within employees and partners

Speedy, responsive and proactive, achieve through empowering employees

Treat all customers and stakeholders with respect and dignity

Bettering standards continuously with passion and pride

Prior to joining Mr. Kim served as Director of Procurement of ADGAS and prior to ADGAS he served as Vice President for OGI Mortgage Bankers.

Before taking on responsibilities as a Director of ADGAS and VP of OGI, he served as the Asiatic Executive Vice President of North American Capital Corporation (NACC), in New York. NACC provided financial products that focused on energy in commercial and institutional markets.

Joseph has the ability to strategically identify new business opportunities, while possessing the technical and quantitative skills to analyze and execute such operations.  He has also operated his own consulting firms for the past several years.

Throughout his career he has specialized in energy sources, project financing, resource conservation, technology commercialization, direct procurement for the oil and gas industry, development and impacts.  Joseph holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management.

He has the heart and desire for the equality and quality impacts of the all people’s lives.  When he partnered with the CDF team he understood that CDF and CDF Companies were both government and private commercial companies with the preferences and the heart for the Native Peoples, Veterans, Disabled and all Peoples and Joseph has a full cycle of values with a balance of business, environment and people.  Contact us more on our dear Friend and Partner.